Village of Thetidio


history of the place of cultivation

In the village of Thetidio Farsala(the Thetis and Achille's land), as we rest and enjoy the sunset, after a difficult but full of pleasure work in the field, we feel the presence of the ancient priests, of the Zeus' oracle (there was a sacred oak tree), who gave their predictions by interpreting the movement of the sacred leaves of Zeus' tree . The temple was in the hills between our village Thetidio and Scotussa Farsala. Also in the same location (Plutarch, Theseus, 27), there was the tomb of the legendary Amazons, who lost their lives passing from Athens to their homeland. The ancient place of worship was succeeded by the church of our village, which is the Byzantine temple of Ypapanti, built in the earth in 1100 A.D. and stands out because its roof is at the same level as the surface of the earth.